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Tarot Routing - Darker.png

Route Optimisation
with Parcel Tracking and Live Vehicle Location


Do everything in one place:

  • Route Planning  and Optimisation

  • Barcode Scanning and Proof of Delivery
    on your existing Android or iOS smartphone

  • Real Time Tracking and ETAs

  • Send Tracking links to customers

Routing, Tracking and PoD in one

Don't waste time switching between multiple windows, apps and programs. Get the macro view and zoom in to parcel level detail all in the same platform.

Delight Your Customers

Live Tracking Links

Just like pizza delivery, your customers can track the driver to their door


Time Windows

Consider your customer's desired delivery window while optimising routes.

Real-Time ETAs

Respond to changes in the field and keep your customers informed if their delivery is going to arrive late, or early!

Enterprise Grade


Guaranteed Uptime

Your operations depend on software. We guarantee availability with SLAs, and by meeting technical best-practises for security, resiliency, data protection, and high availability.



Millions of kilometres are driven using Tarot Routing. We have customers operating multiple warehouses with hundreds of delivery runs, and thousands of deliveries every day.



Tarot Routing integrates with your existing WMS/TMS/ERP systems using our REST APIs or your existing message formats.

How It Works

Book a Demo!

Book a Demo

The demo takes 15 mins

but we'll be available for 30 in case you have any questions.

We'll show you how you can use our platform to quickly plan your delivery runs, take into account any business-specific constraints, and give you an idea of how much it could save you.

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