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Delivery Management.

Mobile Runsheets. Parcel Scanning. Sign on Glass.

Driver Runsheet

Go paperless with our Android & iPhone apps.

  • Load & Delivery Scans

  • Integrated with Google Maps & Waze

  • In-app route map

  • Sign-on-Glass

  • Proof of Delivery with lat/long


Real Time Tracking

Instantly know when a delivery is made, or if there has been a problem.

Get PoD documents at any time.

Track real-time Driver GPS location.

Tarot Routing: Your Ultimate

Delivery Management Solution


In an increasingly digital world, the importance of efficient delivery management software cannot be overstated. Businesses, now more than ever, need to track delivery in real-time, optimize their routes for delivery, and have concrete proof of delivery.


Why Delivery Management is Crucial


Effective management of deliveries is a key driver for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The use of delivery management software has been proven to significantly streamline this process.


The Challenges in Modern Delivery Management


Without the best delivery management software, companies face numerous hurdles like ineffective route planning, difficulty tracking deliveries, and lack of proof of delivery - issues that Tarot Routing addresses effectively.

An Introduction to Tarot Routing


Tarot Routing is a comprehensive delivery management software built to enhance your delivery operations. Whether it's optimizing routes, managing delivery, or providing real-time delivery tracking, Tarot Routing offers a one-stop solution.


Optimizing Your Delivery with Tarot Routing

Our software uses advanced algorithms to calculate the best route for delivery, thereby minimizing fuel costs, reducing driver hours, and increasing overall efficiency. Tarot Routing is the base delivery management tool that your business needs.


Real-Time Tracking for Streamlined Operations

With Tarot Routing, you can manage delivery effectively through real-time tracking. This delivery tracking feature ensures that you always know the status of your deliveries and can communicate accurate ETAs to your customers.


Seamless Communication with End-Customers

Our delivery management software allows for efficient communication with end customers, providing them with live ETAs, proof of delivery, and real-time status updates for their orders.


Key Features of Tarot Routing

Tarot Routing, a comprehensive delivery management software, comes with an array of innovative and customer-focused features to streamline your delivery operations.


Barcode Scanning and Parcel Tracking

Our state-of-the-art software brings the convenience of fast and efficient barcode scanning, ensuring rapid processing of large volumes of parcels. Once a parcel enters your system, its barcode gets scanned and logged into Tarot Routing. This way, every package is tracked throughout its journey, right from pickup to final delivery. With Tarot Routing's superior tracking capabilities, you can confidently say, "Never lose a parcel again".


Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Delivery Cost Management

By offering real-time vehicle tracking, Tarot Routing enables businesses to monitor their fleet movements accurately. You can know the exact location of every delivery vehicle, thus enabling efficient fleet management and enhanced customer communication. In addition, our software provides critical data on estimated vs. actual costs for each delivery. Such insights can help you identify inefficiencies, adjust pricing strategies, and ultimately improve your bottom line.


The Benefits of Using Tarot Routing

Implementing Tarot Routing as your chosen delivery management software can bring numerous advantages to your business, going beyond merely enhancing operational efficiency.


Environmental Impact

One of the core benefits of Tarot Routing lies in its positive environmental impact. Our software employs advanced route optimisation algorithms designed to determine the most efficient delivery paths. This feature reduces unnecessary mileage, leading to significant cuts in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. By opting for Tarot Routing, you are not only optimizing your operations but also contributing to a sustainable environment.


Tracking of Environmental Footprint

Moreover, Tarot Routing allows you to estimate and track your actual vs. estimated fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This unique feature gives you a clear picture of your operations' environmental impact, allowing you to set eco-friendly goals and track progress. By using Tarot Routing, you are making a conscious choice towards greener and more sustainable business practices.


Boost Operational Efficiency

Tarot Routing’s comprehensive suite of features enables you to streamline your delivery management process, enhancing operational efficiency and profitability. The integration of barcode scanning, parcel tracking, and real-time vehicle tracking provides your business with a robust system to manage deliveries, thereby reducing errors and increasing overall efficiency.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With real-time delivery tracking and accurate ETAs, Tarot Routing significantly improves the delivery experience for your customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. By offering customers complete transparency and control over their deliveries, you are not just delivering a product but also an exceptional service experience.


Choose Tarot Routing: The Best Delivery Management Software

In conclusion, Tarot Routing provides a comprehensive delivery management solution, designed to improve your operational efficiency, contribute to a sustainable environment, and enhance customer satisfaction. Start your free trial today and experience the difference Tarot Routing can make for your business.

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