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Simplify Transport Partners.

Are you using a Transport Partners or a Delivery Partner Network?
Struggling with paperwork and administration?
Tarot Routing can simplify and automate deliveries in your Partner Network.

Organisation Hierarchy

Your Partners can plan and manage their transport.

You get full visibility of milestones and PoD.

Organisation tree.png

Optimise Routes

Use a rules based approach to assign Jobs and deliveries to Transport Partners based on their location or territory. 

Minimise the number of vehicles on the road. Use Time Windows to manage customer opening hours or your promised "deliver by" service levels and KPIs.

Deliver with confidence

Tarot Routing Driver App can scan, sign, capture and complete deliveries on any smartphone.


You get full visibility and your Delivery Partners don need to invest in expensive PDAs

Tarot Routing Driver App
track to the door.PNG

To-the-door Tracking

Keep your customers in the loop, eliminate the "where is my delivery" phone call. 


Real-time ETAs powered by Machine Learning let your customers know exactly when their deliveries will arrive.

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