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Simplify Automotive Parts Distribution.

Optimise multiple waves per day
Handle last-minute orders
Massively reduce calls from customers & drivers

Easily handle short cut-offs

Mechanics & dealers expect fast deliveries, with order cut-offs often being just 20 minutes before delivery vans depart.

Plan, dispatch and load in minutes!


Simplify Returns Management

Returns are inevitable. Plan them in Tarot Routing, or let drivers create returns on the spot.

Scan Barcodes or QR Codes to keep track, and get real-time geolocation at pickup and upon arrival back at the depot.

track to the door.PNG

To-the-door Tracking

Your customers get real-time ETAs powered by Machine Learning, so they know exactly when their parts will arrive.

This lets them plan their work better, so they'll order from you every  time.

Multiple Delivery
Waves per Day

Dealers and Garages need parts fast!


Create as many delivery waves per day as you need, and drag/drop jobs between them for fast re-planning.

A wave (with many routes) can be planned and dispatched in less than a minute!

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