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Simpler Pricing.

Pay only for what you use.


  • Access to Route Optimisation API

  • All Optimiser Constraints

  • No access to Tarot Routing interface

0.07 €

per address optimised

  • Route Optimisation

  • Unlimited Jobs

  • Email + SMS Dispatch

  • All Optimiser Constraints

  • Drag + Drop Timeline

  • Excel Import + Export


39 €

per vehicle per month

  • All Business Features

  • Organisational Access Control

  • Single Sign-On

  • ERP Integrations

  • White Labelling


89 € +

per vehicle per month

Feature Detail 

Feature Table
Optimiser API Business Enterprise
Calculate Optimal Job Allocation & Sequence tick tick tick
Multiple Drivers and Depots tick tick tick
Separate Driver Start/End Location Sometimes Drivers go straight home after their last Job. You can set a specific route end address to optimise for this.
tick tick tick
Driver Shifts Set the time that drivers must finish their route by. If there are too many Jobs to visit during the drivers' shifts, they will be unserved.
tick tick tick
Driver Breaks Set lunch breaks or legally mandated breaks for each Driver.

Fixed Breaks can be set so that the Driver must take them at a certain time.

Floating Breaks can be set so that breaks don't interrupt work:
e.g. "Take a 30 minute break between 1pm and 3pm"
tick tick tick
Custom Optimiser Stopping Criteria The optimiser just works by default. But if you need a result really fast, or you can afford to take longer to get a more optimal solution, you can set:
  • Optimisation Time Limit
  • Improvement Threshold per Second
  • Improvement Interval
tick tick tick
Real-Time Re-Optimisation Re-Optimise the rest of the route for one or all drivers, even after they have started their deliveries
tick tick tick
Time Windows (VRPTW) tick tick tick
Exclusion Windows tick tick tick
Parcel Size and Vehicle Capacity (CVRP) tick tick tick
Multi-Dimension Capacity You can set capacity constraints on multiple dimensions at the same time.
e.g. "number of pallets" AND "weight"
tick tick tick
Logical and Dynamic Capacity Useful for vehicles that have re-configurable layouts.
4 pallets and 1 bike
1 pallet and 8 bikes
tick tick tick
Pickup Delivery (PDP) Useful for couriers, and other use-cases where items (or people!) are picked up and then delivered in the same run.
tick tick tick
Pickup Delivery with Capacity tick tick tick
Priority Jobs Sometimes you don't have enough Drivers to do all your Jobs today. Mark certain Jobs as priority to ensure they will be served, even if several others aren't.
tick tick tick
Types Types restrict which Drivers are allowed to do which Jobs

This is often used for:
  • Ensuring certain deliveries are performed by refrigerated vehicles
  • Ensuring that the driver has the right qualifications to perfom a service (e.g. she is a level 2 qualified electrician)

  • Ensuring that large parcels are delivered by large enough vehicles, or vehicles with a tail lift
  • Forcing a Job to be performed by a specfic Driver(because the customer requested her, for example)
  • Ensuring only certain vehicle types (e.g. small trucks, bicycles, electric vehicles) perform deliveries in city areas
tick tick tick
Logical Types Express complicated business rules about which Drivers and Vehicles can do which Jobs
tick tick tick
Adjust Driver Speed tick tick tick
Optimise for Time/Distance tick tick tick
Optimise for Fewest Vehicles tick tick tick
Optimise Fairly Between Drivers tick tick tick
Territories If you have pre-determined delivery zones or territories, the optimiser can respect these and optimise within them.
tick tick tick
Fully Documented Optimisation API Take a look at the Optimisation API Documentation
tick tick tick

Driver App API Business Enterprise
Android & iOS App tick tick
Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps Integration tick tick
See Driving Route on Map tick tick
Offline Delivery The Driver can make deliveries even if their device has no connectivity.

All Delivery Proofs and other information will automatically send when the device reconnects.
tick tick
Sign-on-Glass tick tick
Photos of Delivery tick tick
Latitude, Longitude for every delivery tick tick

Dispatch API Business Enterprise
Dispatch to App via QR Code Drivers can scan a QR code (designed to be displayed on a screen at the depot) which loads their Runsheet into the Driver App on their device
tick tick
Dispatch to App via email/SMS tick tick
Push to Driver App You can send a Runsheet/Manifest directly to a Driver if they are logged in to the App
tick tick
Browser-Based Mobile Runsheet Often used by subcontracted drivers who don't want to install the App
tick tick
Printable PDF Runsheet Drivers without Smartphones/Tablets can use a printed PDF runsheet
tick tick
Excel/CSV Runsheet Useful if you need to import Runs planned in Tarot Routing into another system
tick tick

Barcode Scanning API Business Enterprise
Fast Scanning (100+ Barcodes/minute) tick tick
Load Scan & Delivery Scan tick tick
Customisable Delivery Failure Reasons & Workflow Drivers can only select reasons which are consistent with already performed actions.
E.g. they can�t say a parcel is �Delivered - OK� if it already has �Not Loaded - Missing�
tick tick
Print Barcode Labels tick tick

Return Flow Logistics API Business Enterprise
Planned and/or Ad-Hoc Collections tick tick
Record Proof of "Pickup" and "At Depot" tick tick
Scan Barcode or QR Code for each Return tick tick

Route Start & End Proofs API Business Enterprise
Proof with Photos, Dispatcher Signature tick tick
Record Start & End KMs, Timestamp, GPS tick tick

Custom Delivery Flows & Reasons API Business Enterprise
Customise Delivery Failure/Success Reasons For example:
  • Delivered - Damaged
  • Not Delivered - Damaged
  • Delivered - With Reservations
  • Not Delivered - Missing
  • Not Delivered - Customer Closed
tick tick
Customise Delivery Requirements For Example:
  • Signature Required, Except for customers with night-lockers
  • Photo required if damaged
tick tick

Map-Based Planning API Business Enterprise
See Depots and Jobs on the Map Jobs coloured to instantly recognise Delivery Failure/Success
tick tick
Street-by-Street Driving Routes on the Map tick tick
Real-Time Driver Location on the Map tick tick
Driver Start & End Location on the Map tick tick
See & Edit Territories on the Map tick tick
Custom Map Styles (Streets, Satellite, etc) tick tick

Proof of Delivery API Business Enterprise
Timestamp, Latitude, Longitude tick tick
Signature, Photos, Comments tick tick
Itemised Barcodes with Details tick tick
Delivery Status & Reason tick tick
Downloadable PoD PDF Dispatchers, Admins, Managers and Finance Team can all download PoD PDFs individually or in bulk.

End Customer can self-service download PoD PDFs
tick tick
PoD PDF Downloadable Directly by End Customer tick tick

Job Pool API Business Enterprise
Drag & Drop Jobs to Later Waves tick tick
Job Tags Useful to easily identify categories of Jobs, or to communicate carry-over reasons in multi-dispatcher teams.
tick tick
Send all Unserved to Job Pool tick tick
Merge Jobs Automatically merge multiple Jobs to the same customer into a single visit
tick tick

Drag & Drop Route Planning API Business Enterprise
Drag & Drop Jobs to Change Route or Sequence tick tick
ETAs & Routes on Map Update in Real-Time tick tick
Re-Optimise a Single Route tick tick
Advanced Re-Optimisation Ignoring Some Constraints Sometimes you may want to re-optimise a Route while ignoring existing constraints.
For example:
  • to force a Driver to deliver an extra Job even if they finish 15 mintues late
  • to give a job to a Driver who usually has a different territory
tick tick
Delay Driver Departure Useful since
  1. ETAs change when a driver departs late
  2. the driver might not be able to make certain time-windows
  3. the driver might not have time to visit all the Jobs during their shift
tick tick
Hide/Show/Lock Routes tick tick
Colour-Coded Priority Jobs tick tick
See Impact on KMs, CO2, Fuel of Your Route Changes tick tick

AI Powered ETAs API Business Enterprise
Machine Learning Powered ETAs tick tick
ETAs Improve with Use tick tick
Real-Time ETA Updates ETAs update whenever the Driver performs an action (leaving the depot, finishing an earlier Job, etc)
tick tick
Automatic Delay Notification tick tick
Actual vs Expected ETA Analysis tick tick

Live Progress Dashboard API Business Enterprise
Live Summary of Successful/Failed Jobs tick tick
Live Summary of Successful/Failed Parcels tick tick
Planned vs Actual: KMs, Hours, CO2, Fuel. tick tick
Late Driver Alerts tick tick

Real-Time Tracking API Business Enterprise
Real-Time Driver GPS Location tick tick
Real-Time Driver Departed/Finished Status tick tick
Real-Time Delivery Status tick tick
Real-Time PoD Photos, Signatures, Lat/Lon tick tick

Live Overview API Business Enterprise
See Routes/Jobs/Drivers from Multiple Waves tick tick
See Routes/Jobs/Drivers from Multiple Sites tick tick

End-Customer Tracking Portal API Business Enterprise
Tracking Portal Accessible by Delivery Recipient No Login Required.

Delivery Recipients use a Tracking Link or Tracking Token to access the End-Customer Tracking Portal for a single delivery.
tick tick
Send Tracking Link by Email or SMS tick tick
Delivery Progress (Scheduled, Out-for-Delivery, Delivered) tick tick
Live ETAs tick tick
Parcel-level visibility tick tick
To-the-door Tracking like Uber tick tick
Self-Service PoD Download tick tick
Interactive Delivery Management (IDM) The Delivery Recipient can:
  • signal that they can/cannot accept a delivery as scheduled
  • request another delivery date (if other deliveries in the same area are already scheduled for that date)
tick tick

Transport Cost Calculator API Business Enterprise
Cost per drop, per KM, per hour, per run, per wave, etc tick tick
Compare Cost of Planned vs Actual Routes tick tick
Scenario Analysis tick tick
Distinct Rates for each Subcontracted Transporter tick tick

Historical Search & Export API Business Enterprise
Search & Download All History, Forever tick tick
Search by Anything: Customer Name, Driver, Route, PO etc tick tick
Find Historical PoDs in Seconds tick tick

Access Control API Business Enterprise
Multiple User Types For Example:
  • Dispatchers can plan routes, dispatch and track
  • Managers can delete Jobs and manually override a delivery status
  • Admins can add new users and reset their passwords
tick tick
Permissions for Fine-Grained Access Control tick tick
Sub-Organisations Useful for managing multiple sites in the same company, or multiple different business units.
tick tick

Data Import & Export API Business Enterprise
Import & Export Everything as Excel or CSV tick tick
Import & Export Everything as JSON (via REST API) Take a look at the REST API Documentation
tick tick
Custom Protocols/Formats Available tick

High Availability API Business Enterprise
Uptime Monitor Take a look at the Tarot Routing Uptime Monitor
tick tick tick
High Availability, Redundant Infrastructure tick tick tick
Geographically Isolated Live Database Replication tick tick tick
Automated Failover & Backups tick tick tick
Unit Tests with 100% Coverage tick tick tick
Performance & Load Tests tick tick tick
Manual QA Testing All Tarot Routing Features are manually tested by trained QA staff at least once before each deploy
tick tick tick

Privacy & Security API Business Enterprise
HTTPS tick tick tick
GDPR Compliant tick tick tick
Passwords Hashed & Salted tick tick tick
OWASP Top 10 Compliant tick tick tick
Short-Lived Access Tokens (JWT) tick tick tick
Security Best Practices Enforced & Monitored Detailed Security Policy available upon request
tick tick tick

Support API Business Enterprise
In-App Support Chat Monitored 24/7 tick tick tick
Full User Documentation tick tick tick

Custom Branding API Business Enterprise
iFrame Embed Embed Tarot Routing in your own software (iFrame or other)
White Labelling tick
Customised PoD PDF tick

Enterprise Authentication API Business Enterprise
Single Sign-On (SSO) tick
Customisable Password Policy tick

Premium Support API Business Enterprise
Uptime Guarantee tick
SLAs for Support, Bugfixes, etc tick
Support in Your Preferred Channel A Tarot Analytics Account Manager can join your preferred channel (Teams, WhatsApp, Slack, JIRA, Email, Phone, etc) to provide support to your team
Support Tickets tick
On-Site Implementation Assistance & Training tick
Hold-Your-Hand Support for Data Integrations tick

Detailed Compliance Documentation API Business Enterprise
UK GDPR & EU GDPR Documentation Audit results, Data Protection Agreement, etc available
Penetration Testing Documentation tick
Comprehensive Security Policy Documentation tick

Custom Development API Business Enterprise
Custom Integration to/from your ERP, WMS, TMS, DMS, Accounting System, etc Integrations can be made:
  • with any software platform that allows integrations, imports, or exports
  • using REST, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, AS2, SOAP, or any custom protocol
  • in XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, or any custom format
Company Specific Feature Requests tick

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