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Tutorial - Pre-Scan Barcodes in Tarot Driver App

If you are offering same day delivery, or have short time period between final orders and driver departure, than every second saved during loading can be critical to endsure you hit your delivered in full on time KPIs.

This Tutorial will detail how you can use Tarot's new Pre-Scanning feature to get your drivers loaded and out the door faster.

Get Started.

To get started with Pre-Scanning you will need to have a Tarot Routing account (click here to learn how to run your first optimisation) and the Tarot Routing Driver App installed on an Android or iOS device.

If you need help setting up your account reach out and book a demo with our team.

If you are testing pre-scanning you should now log into your account, create Jobs, optimise Runs and prepare them for dispatch.

Pre-Scan Barcodes

First, grab your phone and open the Tarot Routing Driver App.

Home Screen of Tarot Routing Driver App

Prepare the barcodes for the Units you are going to deliver and click Pre-Scan to open the phones camera in barcode Pre-Scanning mode.

Tarot Driver App in pre-scan mode

Start Scanning the barcodes for Units that you expect to be in your delivery Run. Note the camera will detect all barcodes, not just the ones related to your Run. (Check out our Pro-Tip: Barcode Filtering below)

You can see the last scanned barcode at the bottom of the camera. You can expand to see and search all scans. You can Delete a miss-scanned barcode by hitting the red cross next to the barcode.

Exit pre-scanning mode by hitting the back button in the bottom left corner. You will be returned to the home screen ready to load your Runsheet.

Tarot Driver App - Review pre-scanned barcodes

Click on Pre-Scanned Units button to view details of Units. If you have scanned the wrong barcodes, you can delete one or all of the Units here.

Load Runsheet

Once route planning has been completed you can load todays Runsheet as you normally do; via SMS/email link, Login or QR Code.

Tarot Driver App - Pre-Scan Report

After Loading the Runsheet and consenting to the Privacy Policy you will see the Pre-Scan Report. This report will tell you how many pre-scanned Units were matched with Units in the Run. For every pre-scan match a Loading Proof has been created.

If you have pre-scanned barcodes that do not match with Units in the Run the Pre-Scan Report will have a Warning and detail Barcodes that were not matched to Units. No Loading Proof will be created for these Units. It is important as a Driver that you find these Barcodes and make sure they do not belong to other Runs.

Finish scanning any barcodes that were missed in Pre-Scanning and once all Units have Loading Proofs you are ready to Start Route.

Start Route

With pre-scanning completed and Loading Proofs Created for all Units you're ready to Start Route. Enter any Start Route Proof information as you normally would and you're now ready to drive and deliver as normal.

Pro-Tip - Barcode Filtering

It is common for delivery labels to have multiple barcodes on them, of which only one is relevant for delivery. Without having a Unit to match it to, the camera in pre-scanning mode will detect all barcodes and this can lead to a lot of unmatched barcodes in the Pre-Scan Report. To minimise unmatched barcodes, you can apply barcode filters in the app settings.

Tarot Driver App - Pre-Scan Mode Settings and Barcode Filtering

From the home screen click on App Settings icon in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down to Pre-Scan Mode Settings and click Change. Here you can set:

  • The Prefix: what the barcode starts with.

  • Longer than or equal: to ignore barcodes shorter than this length.

  • Shorter than or equal: to ignore barcodes longer than this length.

These settings will need to be applied on every device and once applied the app will remember Pre-Scan Settings.

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