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Simpler Optimisation Constraints

and... okay. Some that are a little more complicated.

Optimisation Constraints look pretty complicated.

They are.

With a few minutes reading, you'll be able to set up basic ones by yourself.

But we also have a dedicated team of optimisation experts that you can chat with at any time - they can definitely help you get set up!

Can Tarot handle your business constraints?

Probably. All businesses are different, but we're able to cover 95% of requests that our customers ask for without any custom development.

I have some questions!

Great! Let us know using the chat in the lower right corner of this page, or book a demo!

Job Sequencing

Automatically visit Jobs in the best sequence to minimise driving time

One-way Routes

Tarot Routing optimises considering where the driver finishes the day: at the depot, at another location (e.g. home), or wherever the last job happens to be

Pickup + Delivery

Tarot Routing can optimise considering pickups and deliveries in the same route for courrier services or on-demand passenger transport

Vehicle Configurations

If a vehicle can change configurations to accomodate different types of passengers or products, Tarot Routing optimises taking this into account

Driver Shifts

Calculate routes that are feasible within your Drivers' working hours

Time Windows

Take into account the opening hours of your clients, or delivery windows they have requested

Type Constraints

Optimise considering matching required between Jobs and Drivers.

E.g. A Job that can only be performed by a Driver with a specific qualification

Job Duration

Take into account the time spend delivering, picking up, or performing work at each Job

Vehicle Capacity

Optimise considering the capacity of your vehicle: Passengers in a shuttle, pallets in a truck, metres cubed in a van, and even take into account multiple dimensions (e.g. seated + wheelchair passengers)

Driver Breaks

Take into account fixed (lunch) break times, or set a break that can occur during a prescribed window

Drivers + Depots

Plan efficient routes for multiple drivers at the same time, even if they start or finish at separate locations

Priority Jobs

If some of your customers are more important than others, prioritise them! This constraint ensures they are served even if others aren't.


Optimise routes where certain drivers only visit certain geographical zones

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