Simpler Route Optimisation

Plan 30% shorter multi-stop driving routes 10x faster


See Jobs on Map



less driving

and an equivalent reduction in fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, vehicle wear-and-tear, and driver hours.

This is possible because Tarot Routing optimises jobs allocation and sequencing


faster planning

Tarot Routing automatically plans optimised routes for you. Simply drag and drop to make adjustments

No more planning with Excel, Google Maps, looking up postcodes, creating zones, etc.


KG of CO2 saved

in the last 6 months by customer fleets thanks to Tarot Routing.

Less driving means less fuel consumption and less emissions, which is good for the environment and your CSR goals!

How It Works


Jobs & Drivers

Put your Jobs & Drivers on the map from Excel or your ERP



Let's Route!

Automatically schedule Jobs for your Drivers using our algorithm. Drag & Drop to adjust

Keep Track

Real time tracking and Proof of Delivery so you're always on the front foot 



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