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Delivery Management.
Route Optimisation.

Optimise Routes. Scan Parcels.

Real-time tracking & live ETAs. Built for Enterprise.


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Powerful Route

Minimise driving time to reduce costs on fuel, driver hours, emissions, etc.

  • Time Windows

  • Fixed Routes & Territories

  • Vehicle Capacity

  • Pickup & Delivery

Most customers can reduce driving time by 30%

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Professional Woman

Route Planning takes 3 minutes in Tarot vs 45 minutes without...

AND we save 22% on fuel.

- Furniture Delivery, Australia

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Drag & Drop Planning.

Always have the final say!


Start with routes quickly planned by the optimiser, then Drag & Drop to make changes.

Immediately see the impact on KMs, driving time, fuel, and even emissions.

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Warehouse Worker

We've never had so much flexibility to make last minute and real-time changes

- Motorcycle Distribution, UK

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Real Time Tracking.

Track everything in real time:

  • Parcel Barcode Scans

  • Proof of Delivery

  • Driver GPS Location

  • Photos and Signatures

  • Delivery Failure Reasons

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Warehouse Workers in Hardhats

Calls to drivers are a thing of the past. Now we always know where they are, and their ETA for every delivery.

- Auto Parts Distribution, Netherlands

Simple Driver App.

For all iOS and Android Smartphones.

  • Fast Barcode Scanning

  • Receive Runsheets via QR

  • Integrated with Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps

  • Sign-On-Glass

  • Manages outbound and returns flow


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Smiling Worker in Warehouse

The drivers are hooked. Even new drivers pick it up in just a few minutes.

- FMCG Delivery, Australia

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Live Customer Portal.

Stop wasting time fielding customer calls!

Customers receive a Tracking Link:

  • To-the-door Tracking of deliveries

  • Live ETAs updated in real-time

  • Full visibility of delivery details (part numbers, etc)

  • Self-service PoD download

  • Interactive Delivery Management for delivery bookings, out-of-home & redelivery management

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Package Delivery

We get 80% fewer calls from customers asking when their delivery will arrive.

- Auto Parts Distribution, UK



less driving

and an equivalent reduction in fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, vehicle wear-and-tear, and driver hours.

This is possible because Tarot Routing optimises jobs allocation and sequencing


faster planning

Tarot Routing automatically plans optimised routes for you. Simply drag and drop to make adjustments

No more planning with Excel, Google Maps, looking up postcodes, creating zones, etc.


KG of CO2 saved

in the last 6 months by customer fleets thanks to Tarot Routing.

Less driving means less fuel consumption and less emissions, which is good for the environment and your CSR goals!

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We are proud to show you how you can use Tarot Routing to quickly plan delivery runs, set up any business-specific constraints, and give you an idea of how much it could save you.

Thanks! We'll be in touch ASAP.


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