Tarot Routing

Simpler route optimisation for Enterprise




Stop wasting time!

Route planning is a job for computers. Tarot Routing takes minutes to do the scheduling work which takes humans hours.



Your drivers are now able to visit more destinations each run because they are being allocated the right jobs, and they’re doing them in the most efficient order




Always know where your drivers are, how long until they reach their next destination, and maintain proof-of-delivery documents with signatures and coordinates



See your clients
See your clients

on the map to get an immediate visual of today's visits

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop

Always have the final say. Drag and drop Jobs to re-order them, or even to assign them to different drivers.

Route Optimisation
Route Optimisation

Automatically optimise routes! Job allocation and sequence is calculated to minimise driving time while respecting all business rules

Accurate Real Time ETAs
Accurate Real Time ETAs

Tarot Routing provides Real Time ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), and updates them as your Drivers progress

Real Time Progress
Real Time Progress

See your Drivers' progress at a glance. Job markers turn green as soon as each Job is successfully completed

Android & iOS Apps
Android & iOS Apps

- Scan + Track Parcels - Signature + PoD - Navigation with Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps

Real Time Proof of Delivery
Real Time Proof of Delivery

Receive Proof of Delivery information in real time so that you're always on the front foot.

Mobile Runsheet
Mobile Runsheet

Subcontracted Drivers don't need to download an app. SMS or Email a link, and they can hit the road immediately! Works on any smartphone or tablet

Progress Report
Progress Report

Manage Driver + Client KPIs at a glance, and immediately identify anomalies as they occur

Core Features

Route Optimisation

Automatically assign Jobs to Drivers and calculate which order to visit the Jobs to minimise driving time

Real Time

Re-optimise runs in real-time as conditions change in the field.


Fully documented REST APIs allow you to programatically access 100% of Tarot Routing's Functionality, so you can integrate it into your existing platform

Mobile Apps

Android and Apple Apps are available for full functionality driver runsheets

Real Time ETAs

Provide accurate information to your clients - ETAs up date in real time

Drag + Drop

Simply drag and drop Jobs to change their order or allocate them to a different Driver, and see the impact in real time on the map

Job Pool

Keep track of Jobs even if you're not sure when you're going to do them. Keep them in the Job pool for now, and drag them into a Run when you're ready

Support Chat

Contact us any time you need help from within Tarot Routing

Live Tracking

See where your Drivers are in real time (optional)

Mobile Runsheets

Browser-based Driver Runsheets can be used by your drivers if they prefer not to install an App

Driver Navigation

Integration with Waze, Google Maps and Apple maps so your drivers can navigate with their favourite app

Optimiser Settings

Customise how long the optimiser runs for so you can get more optimal routes if you have more time to wait for them

Proof of Delivery

Prove that work has been done or a delivery made with a signature, photos, comments, timestamp and geolocation.

Import + Export

Most information in Tarot Routing can be imported from or exported to Excel by default


Send full runsheet information to your Drivers by QR Code (if they use our app), email or SMS

Optimisation Constraints

Job Sequencing

Automatically visit Jobs in the best sequence to minimise driving time

One-way Routes

Tarot Routing optimises considering where the driver finishes the day: at the depot, at another location (e.g. home), or wherever the last job happens to be

Pickup + Delivery

Tarot Routing can optimise considering pickups and deliveries in the same route for courrier services or on-demand passenger transport

Vehicle Configurations

If a vehicle can change configurations to accomodate different types of passengers or products, Tarot Routing optimises taking this into account

Driver Shifts

Calculate routes that are feasible within your Drivers' working hours

Time Windows

Take into account the opening hours of your clients, or delivery windows they have requested

Type Constraints

Optimise considering matching required between Jobs and Drivers.

E.g. A Job that can only be performed by a Driver with a specific qualification

Job Duration

Take into account the time spend delivering, picking up, or performing work at each Job

Vehicle Capacity

Optimise considering the capacity of your vehicle: Passengers in a shuttle, pallets in a truck, metres cubed in a van, and even take into account multiple dimensions (e.g. seated + wheelchair passengers)

Driver Breaks

Take into account fixed (lunch) break times, or set a break that can occur during a prescribed window

Drivers + Depots

Plan efficient routes for multiple drivers at the same time, even if they start or finish at separate locations

Priority Jobs

If some of your customers are more important than others, prioritise them! This constraint ensures they are served even if others aren't.


Optimise routes where certain drivers only visit certain geographical zones

Enterprise Features

Scan Barcodes

Ensure full accountability by scanning every parcel (or person!) loaded or delivered

Single Sign-On

Provide a seamless experience to your team and improve security by removing the need to manage another password


Pack your parcels into pallets, crates, boxes or trolleys, then deliver them with a single scan.


Estimate and record kilometres, hours, number of stops, and number of Runs performed by a Driver to estimate or calculate billing

Access Control

Enterprise accounts have fine-grained control over exactly which users can access or modify each part of the platform

ERP Integration

We integrate with most popular ERP, TMS and WMS platforms. Have a specific need? We can probably help.

Reporting + KPIs

Access real-time and end-of-day information about how your Drivers perform

Enterprise Support

Full Enterprise Support and SLAs can be provided for Enterprise clients



  • Route Optimisation

  • Unlimited Jobs

  • Email + SMS Dispatch

  • All Optimiser Constraints

  • Drag + Drop Timeline

  • Excel Import + Export


39 €

per vehicle per month


  • Access to Route Optimisation API

  • All Optimiser Constraints

  • No access to Tarot Routing interface

0.07 €

per address optimised


  • All Business Features

  • Organisational Access Control

  • Single Sign-On

  • ERP Integrations

  • White Labelling

89 €+

per vehicle per month