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23 trends for final mile logistics in 2023

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023!

With the New Year comes new focus and new opportunities. As we gear up and get back into work, here at Tarot Analytics we made 23 predictions and trends for final mile logistics in 2023.

1. Growing importance of sustainability in the last mile, with a focus on reducing emissions and waste.

Leading to...

2. Increasing adoption of electric delivery vehicles.

With announcements like this almost every week these days, the trend of customers and companies demanding electric and low emission delivery options is continuing to grow.

3. Integration of delivery management with smart city infrastructure.

And not only parcel lockers. Your electric delivery vehicle will be able to park, plug in and get a quick range top up as the driver completes deliveries nearby.

4. Expansion of partnerships between delivery companies and retailers.

And the advantage will go to delivery companies that can differentiate themselves by offering a better delivery experience to the end customer. (Not just a parcel left out in the rain)

5. Growth of new delivery models.

The pandemic induced eCommerce boom has ended, companies will need to innovate to remain competitive.

6. Personalisation of the delivery experience

With options for specific delivery times and locations. (Check out how you can use Tarot Routing’s Interactive Delivery Management to offer your customers delivery options and avoid wet packages).

7. The death of 15-minute delivery

Let’s face it, we all knew the economics didn’t stack up and it was never going to work.

8. Growing demand for same-day or next-day delivery options.

What the customers really wanted and would pay extra for instead of 15-minute delivery...

9. Growth of micro-fulfillment centres and urban warehouses.

So that same-day and next-day deliveries can be done efficiently.

10. More widespread use of mobile apps and online portals for delivery management, visibility and tracking.

Because we are personalising the delivery experience. (And you should definitely ask us about Interactive Delivery Management and how it can work for your business)

11. Increased use of virtual assistants and chatbots for customer service in the last mile.

Have you seen OpenAI's Chat GTP?

12. Increased use of predictive analytics to improve efficiency

With a better idea of what your customers will order and when they will order it you can better plan your transport resources, responding to the peaks and troughs throughout the year.

13. Greater adoption of real-time tracking and visibility solutions.

Functionality like Tarot Routing’s To-The-Door Tracking is giving customers the ability to see where and when their delivery will arrive, ensuring a positive delivery experience.

14. Greater integration of delivery management with social media and messaging platforms.

WhatsApp and Android/Google accounts are emerging as new ways to communicate delivery information with customers.

15. Increased use of robotics and automation in sorting and handling packages.

So that warehouses and fulfilment centres can move the order cut off time as close as possible to the drivers departure time and still get the full benefit of route optimisation.

16. Expansion of last mile delivery services to underserved or remote areas

Maybe via...

17. Drone delivery

In regional and remote areas … because…

18. No airborne drone delivery in cities

We finally accept that widespread airborne drone delivery in densely populated cities is not a good idea.

19. People keep talking about blockchain in logistics

But for the last mile it is just talk. Nobody really wants to put a decentralised system into production.

20. eCommerce companies start managing their own deliveries

Fed up with poor service levels and increasing costs from major delivery partners, larger eCommerce brands start to manage deliveries themselves...

21. Smaller, region-specific carriers’ benefit

Or the eCommerce brands turn to smaller, region-specific carriers who can provide them with a better service level and delivery experience to the customer.

22. Growth of on-demand staffing solutions & collaborative consumption models (sharing economy)

As inflation bites and firms look to better manage their costs.

23. Tarot Routing manages everything from the warehouse to the customer, and return.

Finally, we continue developing Tarot Routing so that, whatever happens, you have a reliable platform with everything you need to manage your final mile operations.

What do you think, did we get it right? What would you add?

And, If you need a platform to help you better manage your final mile operations then book a demo today!

Have a happy and productive 2023!!!

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